Vibrant Cells
Vibrant Cells
Vibrant Cells
Vibrant Cells
Vibrant Cells

Vibrant Cells

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Meet Vibrant Cellsthe unsung secret of cellular health!

The development of our innovative supplement Vibrant Cells, allows you to reap all the benefits of tocotrienols without interference from tocopherols when taken daily.

The vitamin E in Vibrant Cells is sourced directly from the seeds of the achiote tree native to tropical regions from Mexico to Brazil. Annatto seeds are virtually free of tocopherols and contain 100% tocotrienols (90% delta and 10% gamma) which work to protect all thirty trillion cells in your body, delivering powerful antioxidants without all the ‘junk’, so your body is no longer held back by high levels of kryptonite!

Take back control of your health and discover the immune-boosting and overall health benefits of Vibrant Cells.

Product Information

Benefits of Vibrant Cells Include:
• Supporting a healthy Inflammatory response
• Cell protection
• Improving antioxidant status
• Supporting healthy cholesterol metabolism
• Eye and bone health

Take one softgel per day, or as directed by
your health-care practitioner.

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✔ Protect all thirty trillion cells in your body
✔ Aid in the fight against free radicals which can cause DNA damage
✔ Reverse some damage already caused through the aging process

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