Deep Sleep
Deep Sleep
Deep Sleep
Deep Sleep
Deep Sleep

Deep Sleep

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Relax, unwind and sleep with a little help…

Meet Deep Sleep - our specially formulated, high-quality bioavailable tasty magnesium powder you can take every night before bed to keep your system balanced and improve your sleep!

Deep Sleep allows larger amounts of magnesium to be absorbed more quickly and be better retained by the body, as compared to other, non-chelated forms of magnesium. It has also been shown to be effective when taken by individuals with the greatest impairments in magnesium absorption, such as those with inflammatory bowel conditions, providing magnesium’s healing benefits where they are needed the most.

Product Information

• Supports healthy cardiovascular function
• Supports bone health
• Supports healthy glucose metabolism
• Supports muscle contraction and relaxation

Take 5 grams (approximately 1 teaspoon) of powder mixed in 8 ouncesof water per day or as directed by your health-care practitioner.

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Deep Sleep Helps to

✔ Maintain magnesium levels
✔ Aid sleep
✔ Relax and unwind from daily stressors
✔ Support healthy digestive function
✔ Improve physical and emotional wellbeing

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