Immune Kick
Immune Kick
Immune Kick
Immune Kick
Immune Kick

Immune Kick

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Vitamin D is essential to improve health and reduce the risk of diseases related to vitamin D deficiency. But why stop there? When paired with vitamins K, A and E - you can increase the health benefits of your vitamin D supplement - all found in our specially formulated Immune Kick!

Go beyond the benefits of just one superhero (D), and get the full immune-boosting benefits of a vitamin powerhouse team (D, A, E, and K)! 

Product Information

Immune Kick may support:
• Density and strength of bones
• Immune system function
• Heart and artery health and function
• Health and maintenance of skin, hair, and nails
• Eyesight, including color vision and night vision
• Thyroid gland function

Take one softgel per day or as directed by
your health-care practitioner.

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✔ Reduce your risk of chronic and age-related illnesses
✔ Improve mental health and cognitive function
✔ Promote healthy weight loss
✔ Promote healthy cell production

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